About Major Plumbing, LLC.

For years Major Plumbing has offered a higher level of plumbing knowledge and service.

We are fully licensed and insured. Major Plumbing, LLC is on Angie’s list and have also been servicing many commercial buildings and business’s around the bay area. Each of our technicians goes through a thorough background check by outside companys. So give us a call and experience our friendly, honest and dependable plumbers in the Tampa area.

Professional Bay Area Plumbers

We pride ourselves on the ability to exceed our competitors in performance and quality while maintaining competitive pricing. Company wide, our mission is always to earn our customers trust. Our customers know they are very important to us. That’s why we understand and instill in our staff the attitude that we cannot exist without each and every customer. So many companies in today’s market seem to forget that. As we continue and grow, our road map is always laid out with a strong focus on Customer Service!